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Great Wall hiking, camping and walking in China; Sleep on the Great Wall in China; Beijing Hikes and Beijing Hiking; Hiking, camping and walking on the Great Wall in China.
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China Travellers offers a variety of tours of hiking, camping and walking on the Chinese Great Wall in Beijing. Participants step off the beaten path to witness the remote, historic and real wild unspoiled Chinese Great Wall. We offer Mutianyu Great Wall hiking and camping, Jiankou Great Wall hiking and camping, Jiankou Great Wall to Mutianyu Great Wall hiking and camping, Jinshanling Great Wall hiking and camping, Gubeikou Great Wall hiking and camping, Gubeikou Great Wall to Jinshanling Great Wall hiking and camping, Huanghuacheng Great Wall hiking and camping, Chenjiapu Great Wall hiking and camping, Simatai Great Wall hiking and camping. The group also offers historical and ecological hikes and trips to all corners of rural Beijing and in China. Explore the pristine beauty of high mountains, ancient temples, and rural villages.


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chinatravellers.comPrivate.asp?o=50 [ In addition to our regular weekly hikes, China Travellers also offers private tours. You can customize a private trip or join a small group, discovering hidden corners of Beijing, walking on the wild peaceful Great Wall and witnessing the daily lives of local people.    Design your own tour or private event. You decide where you want to go, what you want to do, what you are interested in (culture, history, sightseeing, adventure, hiking, Chinese cuisine, etc), and when you will be available. Then we will customize a perfect itinerary or private hike just for you.    1. Personalized Trips for You, Family & Friends  If you’re only in Beijing for a short time or can’t make it to any of our regular hikes, we can organise a trip or event for you, with places, guides, transport, food, and accommodation all taken care of.   2. Business Trips for Meetings, Team Building We can help plan and organize events, trips or hikes suitable for corporate trips or team-building events. We can design tailor-made programs to meet your goals.   3. School Trips for Schools, Colleges We can help plan and organize events, trips or hikes for students designed to suit school requirements. We can help to design programs or theme, proving project management support.   If you want to contact us, please use our online booking form for privat tours]
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